Think you know what’s in your kids multivitamin? Why it may be time to double check.

When’s the last time you checked the label on your kids daily multivitamin?  If you, like most of us, chose a brand you were familiar with from childhood, or were recommended by a friend, you may not have ever thought to do so. 

Let us be the first to admit, we hadn’t when we excitedly gave our kids the go-to of families for generations.  But when we did, we found that they contain less than the daily recommendation for Vitamin C and Zinc, and no magnesium at all! Knowing what we know about the power of immune support this super supplement trio provides for kids, we were disappointed to say the least, and glad we’d also been giving them Vitaminis to deliver these vital nutrients.

There’s a wide array of options in the children’s vitamins space and it can be not only confusing, but completely overwhelming.  You just want to ensure your growing kids get what they need and especially in today’s environment you want to protect them as much as possible, which starts with strengthening their immune system.  We developed Vitaminis because we were in exactly the same boat, wanting something that gave our kids nutrients they need without another hit of hidden sugar.  We sincerely hope your kids love it as much as ours do!

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