Gummy Vitamins

Sugar Vs. Supplement, Gummies Are Not a Go-To

From the Flintstones of our youth (you can still taste that chalk-like consistency too, right?) to the organic offerings of today, the children's vitamin market is varied, and very confusing. With some falling close to a glorified “healthy” candy - the reason your kids beg for more gummies but not more greens - many serve up as much sugar as they do supplements.

While there are “better” options like these recommendations from nutritionist Jessica Waller, we still like to encourage kids to get their nutrients from foods whenever possible. Opting for a supplement shot such as Vitaminis allows you to talk about the power of nutrients found in foods like oranges and pineapples, whether we consume or juice the fruit. In fact, juicing some foods can increase their bioavailability as the body can directly absorb nutrients, so while in some cases we love the fiber a smoothie provides, other times a direct hit can have more immediate effect.

And while it’s been said that kids who generally eat a varied diet don’t need a daily vitamin, we like pediatrician Dr. Alice Mekrebs’ comment that “targeting a deficiency or bolstering the immune system” can be helpful, as can opting to offer a vitamin fortified beverage like Vitaminis on occasions when you want extra coverage or to fill in a potential gap (we see you “noodles only” toddler phase).

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