Confused About Organics?

Confused About Organics?

From the Dirty Dozen/Clean Fifteen to the higher sticker price, buying organic can feel overwhelming. But the EWG (Environmental Working Group), inspired by a challenge from celebrity chef (and major kids nutrition advocate) Jamie Oliver, did the math of not only the financial but the time investment related to feeding a family and found that, “many typical American households could afford to eat organic food regularly for about a third of what the average American spends eating out.”

And in addition to reducing waste and helping the environment, new research from the journal Environmental Pollution goes so far as to suggest that feeding kids organic foods might even be associated with higher test scores, especially those related to memory. While this headline may seem extreme (and there are certainly variables subject to further study), part of the correlation relates to children carrying higher levels of toxic pesticides, which have been linked to developmental problems including ADHD, in their smaller bodies.

Now that organics are available at most all retailers, it’s become less of a matter of availability and more one of strategic planning, getting ahead of meal planning, shopping and of course, cooking.  At Vitaminis we believe in doing our best and doing what's best for our families like opting for foods (and of course, beverages!) that provide the most nutrition possible.  

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