I love this product. Tastes great, easy to store and it's small enough that my kids will actually finish it. I have been seeking out an alternative to gummies that are full of sugar. 

Sonya, mom of 2

Diana, mom of 3
LaGrange Park, IL

Caroline, 2


This has vitamins?! 

Niko, 10


This shot is a great solution to give my kids their Vitamin C. I really think that it's vital for immunity. I don't have to bribe
them to have some because it's delicious. They actually look forward to it. It's one of the few things my 11, 6 and 4 year old love it equally!

Marina, mom of 3

Stacey, mom of 2
Jacksonville, FL

Eve, 7

She won’t drink cold milk and barely drinks water, but she’ll stop screaming and calmly drink her Vitamini!!

Laura, mom of 2

It really doesn’t get easier than Vitaminis. I especially love the addition of zinc, as I find it very hard to incorporate into their diet consistently. Tastes great. Clean ingredients. 5 stars, from my 5 little stars.

Melissa, mom of 5

Sylvia, 2

Joshua, 2

So happy to have a beverage that actually provides a nutritional advantage!

Renee, mom of 3

Nas, 3

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What Can Vitaminis Do For You?

At 2.5 fl oz, Immune Support has a kid-approved orange-pineapple taste. Our Immune Support shot is high in Vitamin C, Zinc, and Magnesium to help support immune system function. And it tastes amazing.