Our Story

Chicago native and mom of four Leslie founded Vitaminis in 2020. She and fellow like-minded parents were tired of worrying about their families' nutrition and reaching for convenient snacks and beverages, only to see that they are generally sugar-filled and void of nutritional value. Meanwhile, her family, like many, was dealing with all sorts of minor health concerns, from common colds to gut troubles that could potentially be avoided with better nutrition. She wanted to address nutrition and health with real foods and beverages rather than gummies, pills or powders. Why not tackle both of these issues at once?

As a beverage industry veteran and mom of four, Leslie thought, "Who better to take on this challenge?" She set out to create an easy-to-serve, fun-to-drink beverage that also plays a functional, positive role in families' everyday nutrition and development. Vitaminis is the result.

What Can Vitaminis Do For You?

At 2.5 fl oz, Immune Support has a kid-approved orange-pineapple taste. Our Immune Support shot is high in Vitamin C, Zinc, and Magnesium to help support immune system function. And it tastes amazing.

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