What's the best way to give your kid vitamin C?

Eating more fruits and veggies rich in Vitamin C is always the right approach. But Vitaminis is a great addition to a balanced diet, offering 200% of your daily Vitamin C needs.

How much Vitamin C do you need in a day?

That varies a bit by age. The average daily recommended amounts for most adults is 75-90 mg a day. Kids ages 4-8 need 25 mg per day, and kids 9-13 need 45 mg per day.

How can I maintain a healthy immune system?

Vitamin C, Zinc and Magnesium are all factors that help support a healthy immune system. Vitaminis is rich in each of these nutrients.

Is Vitaminis medicine?

No. Vitaminis is a delicious juice drink shot and is not a replacement for any over-the-counter medications, cold remedies or supplements.

Who should drink Vitaminis?

Everyone ages 4 and up!

When should you drink Vitaminis?

That's entirely up to you! Drink it with breakfast, have one with lunch, enjoy it as an afternoon or evening snack. Your call.

How many Vitaminis should someone have in a day?

Vitaminis is a tasty drink that can be enjoyed in many occasions; however, due to the vitamin and mineral content, you should limit to one per day. We like to have one with lunch or as a mid-day treat.

How should a 4 year-old drink Vitaminis? A 10 year-old? An adult?

The same way! One tasty sip at a time.

What is your immune system?

Your immune system is a collection of cells, tissues, and organs that fight viruses, bacteria, and infection.

What Can Vitaminis Do For You?

At 2.5 fl oz, Immune Support has a kid-approved orange-pineapple taste. Our Immune Support shot is high in Vitamin C, Zinc, and Magnesium to help support immune system function. And it tastes amazing.

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