A Deeper Dive on the Direct Connection of Vitamin C & Immunity

A Deeper Dive on the Direct Connection of Vitamin C & Immunity

In our Overview on Vitamin C we discussed a bit about the what/why/how (much) of this super supplement, the leading nutrient in Vitaminis combination of immunity supportive minerals. For a deeper dive, we look at the National Institutes of Health’ examination of the connection between Vitamin C and immune function.  


NIH findings indicate that Vitamin C supplements may shorten common cold duration and decrease symptom severity, for sure a win when it comes to sniffly kiddos (and their often also sniffly parents). Perhaps even more interestingly, one of the areas of continued research is around Vitamin C’s antioxidant effect on free radicals.  This effect is thought to potentially help prevent/delay diseases in which oxidative stress is a cause. 


Offering 200% of daily Vitamin C needs, Vitaminis is part of a holistic solution to boost the power of kids' immune systems. In combination with Magnesium and Zinc, Vitamin C leads the charge in getting kids back to their normal - busy, crazy, full speed ahead - selves as quickly as possible (better make sure their parents are loading up too!).  


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