Not so Mini Magnesium: A Critical Nutrient for Cell Health & Overall Immune Function

Remember Magnesium?  In our original post about Super Supplement #2 in Vitaminis immune support blend, we talked topline on its role in relation to blood sugar as well as sources and the struggle with modern magnesium not being what it once was.

Delving a bit deeper, we again turn to the National Institutes of Health, whose Health Professionals Factsheet indicates that one's risk for illness over time is increased by “habitually low intakes of magnesium” as its absence can cause changes in biochemical pathways.  Whoa, right?  Magnesium is so important because many of the hormones and neurotransmitters that regulate cellular activity require the presence of magnesium.  Even the ability for cells to replicate relies on their ability to synthesize protein, and this process is greatly affected by magnesium depletion.

Instead of questioning whether your kids are getting enough magnesium from food sources affected by modern farming, a simple supplement like Vitaminis delivers an appropriate amount perfectly portioned and paired with Vitamin C and Zinc for the trifecta of immune support. Mini, but Mighty, just like your kiddos.  

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