Zinc Battles Colds, Common and Chronic

Zinc Battles Colds, Common and Chronic

Last but certainly not least, we revisit Zinc, super supplement #3 in Vitaminis immune support shot. In combination with magnesium, zinc has reciprocal properties that maximize the positive effects of both nutrients. But there’s more to the story in what zinc brings to the table for both the common cold, and conditions much more severe.


Researchers studying the effect of zinc lozenges found that when taken within 24 hours of the onset of cold symptoms, the duration of the common cold was reduced. Moreover, multiple research studies have indicated that in the case of severe respiratory infections in children such as pneumonia, an acute lower respiratory tract infection, supplementing with zinc can reduce both the severity as well as the frequency of such infections. As pneumonia is in fact the leading cause of death worldwide in kids under age 5, these findings are critical, especially in regions of the world where mild to moderate zinc deficiency may be more common.   


As zinc plays a role in both metabolism as well as cell growth, it helps kids achieve a healthy height and weight. Deficiency can not only limit growth but may decrease resistance to infection.


Paired in appropriate measure with magnesium to maximize absorption and complemented by an impactful amount of vitamin C, zinc completes the Vitaminis Immune Support offering to keep kiddos growing and going.  


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