Zinc Every Day Keeps the Sniffles Away

Rounding out the trio for a triple take on immune support, Super Supplement #3 is Zinc, a mineral so critical to the growth, development and maintenance of many vital cellular processes that it’s present across the entire body and can be found in Every. Single. Cell.

Even cooler, Zinc and Magnesium have reciprocal properties, meaning when taken together (in the right doses), they’re even more mighty. Zinc helps the body absorb magnesium more efficiently and magnesium helps the body regulate levels of zinc. Speaking of levels, zinc is definitely a #mightymini, with kids only needing a range of 5-8mg. With 5.5mg in a single shot of Vitaminis, you can be confident that your kiddo is getting all that they need.

Zinc has been linked to helping kids achieve a healthy height and weight, and while deficiency is rare in the U.S., it’s more common in developing nations where access to zinc rich foods such as red meat, poultry, nuts, beans, shellfish, mushrooms, skin on potatoes and wholegrain cereal is limited.

Two of the seven essential minerals, Zinc and Magnesium work in conjunction to support the immune system. Interestingly, our bodies are unable to store Zinc naturally, making it even more important that our kiddos consume it daily, whether through diet, supplements, or both, to ensure they’re in balance and well supported.

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