Vitaminis Usage

Vitaminis Usage

People are often asking us, how exactly should I use Vitaminis and integrate it into my routine?  Here are how our best customers are integrating 3 Vitaminis per week into their days.

Monday: Dump into a smoothie for breakfast or as a mid-morning snack (check out our recipes for ideas)

Wednesday: Toss into a workout bag or backpack for a mid-afternoon snack or small pick-me-up on the go.

Friday: Drink right after lunch when you’re craving something sweet, but also want to make a nutritious decision.  Vitaminis are great for lunch boxes, too, as they don’t require refrigeration!

Did you know that integrating just 3 Vitaminis Immune Support shots per week into your routine gives you as much magnesium as 15 cups of spinach, as much zinc as 12 avocados and as much Vitamin C as 3 oranges?

And 3 Gut Health shots per week to get the digestive benefits as if you had eaten the probiotics from 6 cups of yogurt, and the fiber from 3 cups of broccoli.

It’s so easy, no mixing or measuring required, and no choking down pills or holding your nose to get past strong flavors.  Vitaminis: Mini. Mighty. Tasty.

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