The Great Debate: Maximizing Nutrient Absorption of Foods and Supplements

There’s been a bit of debate in the vitamin category about liquid vs pill options and whether liquids are better absorbed, with some even indicating drastic differences in the amounts (98% for liquids vs under 20% for pills).  While the science isn’t quite that simple, we do know that in situations such as juicing vs smoothies, the bioavailability is higher (due to the lack of fiber/digestion required).  

The true difference in terms of effectiveness may be the rate of absorption, and more importantly, how to maximize nutrient absorption, ideally through food pairings, like Vitamin C to help with iron absorption. In our overview on Zinc, we noted that it works in tandem with Magnesium to support the immune system, hence why both are found in Vitaminis, to deliver the most benefit.  

As we think holistically about our own nutrition and that of our families, it can certainly feel overwhelming to remember how things work together.  And for the youngest members, it can be especially challenging to ensure they’re actually consuming enough of the foods needed to deliver each nutrient.  Having a go-to you can feel good about in a highly absorbable format that you know they’ll actually finish can be a great addition to your arsenal.  That’s what we like to call a #miniwin!
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