Stop Shopping Vitamins, Swap in Vitaminis

Stop Shopping Vitamins, Swap in Vitaminis

Confused about kids' vitamins? To be honest, we are too - which is one of the reasons we came up with Vitaminis! The category as a whole is incredibly confusing - how do you choose between a MultiVitamin and a MultiVitamin with Probiotics, a “calming” gummy or an actual sleep aid like chewable Melatonin? And when it comes to Immunity support, things get even hazier - with trademark blends to vanilla flavored Vitamin C drops.  

Phew, we’re tired just writing about it, which is why while we believe certain supplements are helpful in specific cases, we generally like to get our, and our kids, nutrients directly from food based sources (rather than sugar coated, candy like supplements).  

Vitaminis is meant to be a “better beverage” - an alternative for the drinks that kids desire, but that parents sometimes push back on because they not only lack nutrition but amp up sugar.  Our Immune Support shot is sized just right for kids - meaning they’ll actually finish it and get all of the 184mg of Vitamin C, 125mg of Magnesium and 5.5mg of Zinc (see our posts on each to confirm the recommended daily amount based on age group). 

So rather than standing in the vitamin aisle, confused and conflicted, consider simply swapping in Vitaminis, whether as a go-to drink or a boost on days where you feel like they could use one!

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