Why so much chatter about Vitamin C?

Why so much chatter about Vitamin C?

Safe, effective, well researched. There are many, many reasons why Vitamin C receives a lot of press as a necessary supplement. Research has even recently indicated that “higher blood levels of vitamin C may be the ideal nutrition marker for overall health.” Powerful stuff indeed.  

Starting our kids down a path of protecting their health is critical to long term immunity, and Vitamin C is still being studied as it relates to supporting cardiovascular and eye health as well as preventing later in life illnesses such as cancer and even stroke. 

And while the usual suspects for vitamin C are typically pretty kid friendly snack options ranging from citrus fruits to bell peppers, it can be hard to ensure they actually eat enough of something to consider it a serving. That’s where supplementation comes in, helping to cover any nutritional gaps, and giving you peace of mind that they’ve reached their daily recommendation. Vitaminis provides kids daily dose of Vitamin C all in one easy to sip size, and in a tasty combination of orange and pineapple juice, so they get the idea that vitamins and nutrients come from foods they like, and may even eat more the next time you serve them!

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