Snacks you can Pack & Pair (and feel good about)

Snacks you can Pack & Pair (and feel good about)

Snack time, again?  If your kids are like ours, any time is snack time :)  And generally, we like staying ahead of the game with things that are easy enough to make at home (some go-to’s that are truly better when you know what’s going into them are trail mix, hummus and mini muffins - bonus points for combining fruit & veggies into the latter).  

But now that we’re on the go again - from school to sports and everything in between - we’re looking for things that are quick to grab on the go, packable and portable, with minimal mess.  Starting with the obvious, we grab a Vitaminis (chilled if you/your kiddos prefer), then add in one of these fun new finds:

  • Chia Pod - we love the size of this dairy and gluten free, protein and fiber packed vegan option.  With 3g of Omega 3 (research suggests consuming more omega 3s can counteract some of the ill effects of fructose in the brain), this snack actually aids digestion, always a bonus benefit in our book.
  • Skout Bars - plant based protein that packs a pocket sized punch.  With 7 ingredients (or less), this is a brand you can get behind, whether you try out a variety bundle or build your own box choosing just the flavors you know your kiddos will love (throw in a few for yourself too!).
  • Hippeas - roasted chickpeas are a go-to option for young and old, from babies just learning their pincer grasp to a grab a can and go salad topper that meets everyone’s protein needs.  But when we don’t have the twenty minutes or so to crisp them on the stovetop (or if you prefer, the oven method), this line of organic chickpea snacks offers an equal amount of crowd pleasing flavor options.  From puffs to chips, white cheddar to ranch, sriracha to sea salt, these snacks are both “better for you” and “better for the earth” - who doesn’t love a slogan like “Peas, Love and Giving Back.”

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