Losing Money (and Nutrients) on Organics that Kids Waste?

You’ve likely heard of the Dirty Dozen vs the Clean Fifteen, and make an effort to shop that way, opting to spend extra on organics to avoid pesticides.  So it’s even more disheartening when your little ones take barely a bite of those beautiful berries or lick the nut butter off of that costly celery and the nutrients head straight to the trash can. Not to mention kids are notorious for not being able to get enough of one food this week, then totally avoiding it the next. #MiniTip: put it in a smoothie, like our Vitaminis Super Smoothie, before it goes bad, or freeze for future use (yep, even veggies!).  

While avoiding food waste is one thing, ensuring kids actually get the nutrients we think they are is another issue.  Portion size can play a big part, so start kids off with small amounts, reducing anxiety over how much of any one item they need to eat and allowing them to ask for seconds rather than argue over amounts leftover.  In fact, ensuring kids are able to actually finish Vitaminis is one of the main reasons we chose the 2.5 ounce size to deliver perfectly portioned amounts of Vitamin C, Magnesium and Zinc, giving you the confidence that they’re getting the right amount of these super immune support supplements.

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