Immune Support

Meet the Super Trio of Immune Support Supplements

Children’s immunity has become top of mind like never before, with the goal of proactively preventing our kiddos from getting sick becoming top priority. As an adult, you know what it feels like when a throat tickle comes on, or a general feeling of ickiness starts to seep in. You might up your intake of Vitamin C rich foods, reach for a super dose supplement or go straight for an over the counter remedy to help you power through (because we all know there is no calling in sick from parenting). But our littles aren’t as familiar with these early signs, and their symptoms may escalate quicker than ours, taking a toll on their tiny bodies. We’d do anything to protect our kids from feeling ill, and we look for the fastest way to get them back to their busy selves when they do. By supporting their growing immune systems continuously, and upping their intake of key nutrients when they need it most (sick siblings anyone?), we can help their little bodies learn to navigate the inevitable colds/flus/seasonal sicknesses and ensure they’re able to rebound and recover as quickly as possible. In addition to Vitamin C, Magnesium and Zinc can bolster our bodies ability to fight off infection, a super trio of supplements that combine to strengthen your little one's immune system.

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