Vitaminis Introduction

We’re Mighty Glad You’re Here!

Welcome to Vitaminis! We’re happy you found us and excited to welcome you into our community of like-minded caregivers looking for ways to support their children’s nutrition (bonus points for ways said children will actually be excited about). We’re here to support you, answer your questions and nourish your desire to raise your children in a healthful, empowered way. As a generation of parents that has more information around nutrition than any before you, this knowledge can be equal parts blessing and burden. What vitamins do they need? What foods and supplements have them? And what do those nutrients even do for our kids? Our goal is to help you navigate those questions, find solutions that work for you and your family and meet the nutritional needs of your growing kiddos. As you likely know, “what goes together grows together,” so we hope you’ll join us in building a community based on openness and transparency without overwhelm or judgement. Come grow with us!

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