A Candy Store’s Worth of Vitamins!  Take a Look at Liquid Vitamin Alternatives

A Candy Store’s Worth of Vitamins! Take a Look at Liquid Vitamin Alternatives

Vitamins have been around for nearly 100 years, and as concerns have arisen over the go-to brands for children, many parents are instead turning to liquid dietary supplements. From giving breastfed infants Vitamin D drops to popular organic brands touting liquid Elderberry and Probiotic drops for kids, this growing trend shows promise for a variety of reasons.

Liquid vitamins have the benefit of being absorbed directly into the body, rather than a pill or gummy in which the capsule or gelatin first needs to be dissolved to release the nutrients. This process hinders bioavailability as well as decreases absorption.

Additionally, liquid vitamins are less likely to have added sugar (though check the ingredients as some brands do alter the taste with sugar substitutes such as stevia). They can be consumed directly or added to a food or beverage that a child already likes to consume. This is especially helpful for getting kids to drink more water, keeping them hydrated with a nutritional boost.  

If you’ve started to feel like you’re giving your kids a candy store’s worth of vitamins each day, it may be worth exploring liquid alternatives.  New options such as Vitaminis were developed to deliver nutrients in a deliciously drinkable format - a “better beverage” they can enjoy, while you enjoy knowing they’re getting the vitamins they need.

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