Why Use Banana In Our Gut Health Drink Shots?

Why Use Banana In Our Gut Health Drink Shots?

Full of real ingredients, one of the first on our Gut Health drink shot ingredients list is banana puree. 

But why did we choose to include bananas in our Gut Health formula?

Bananas are not only fun to spell B-A-N-A-N-A-S (!) but they are also high in an electrolyte called potassium. Potassium is an essential nutrient to the body but relative to gut health it is known to maintain normal fluid levels inside of your cells, which support proper muscle movement (Harvard). This is why eating a banana (or potassium) is often recommended when you are experiencing muscle cramping. 

Potassium in bananas helps your brain send signals to the muscles in your digestive system. Low potassium levels affect the muscles in the colon and intestines, which slows the passage of food and waste. These negative effects on your digestive tract can also cause inflammation and bloating. Low levels of potassium in your body not only affect your gut’s health, but can also cause unexplained fatigue, muscle weakness, and high blood pressure (Medical News Today). 

Other foods that are naturally high in potassium include winter squash, beet greens, mangos, and avocados. But we know getting those healthy foods in little tummies might not always be that simple. 

Food sensitivities, picky eaters, and seasonality of fruits and vegetables can make getting the right amount of potassium each day even harder. Our nutritious Gut Health drink shots are yummy to tiny taste buds and yummy tasting drink shots can fill in those important nutritional gaps where it’s needed. 

Gut Health drink shots are small enough to substitute into a lunch box or as an after school snack. You can hand these 2.5 oz bottles to your kids and know that they’re getting the essential nutrients they need to help keep their digestive systems on track. 

Pack an extra for yourself too, mom. These little potassium packed drinks aren’t only great for the kids. 

Keep the whole family regulated by consuming one Gut Health Vitaminis drink shot per family member daily. 

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