What To Do For Family Constipation?

What To Do For Family Constipation?

Have you ever had to search "what to do for constipation"? It's not a super exciting topic - but it's a real one.

During Covid, daycares and school began to shut down and like many of you, I was thrown into being at home with my four kids (after being laid off myself!). Pretty quickly, my then 5-year-old started to develop a regularity issue. When I asked around for advice, I was told to give him prunes or laxatives. I was shocked to learn that a few friends of mine were giving their kids laxatives daily for months at a time!  I didn’t feel like we had reached the level of needing laxatives, but I did want to take action to help my kid. I couldn't find anything that was more natural than laxatives, but more effective than prunes, that I could get a kid to eat to solve this issue. It made me realize the need for a kid-friendly, tasty, gut health option for so many of us!

When it came down to the product itself, I knew I wanted to include probiotics and fiber to promote regularity, jumpstart digestion, and reduce bloating and inflammation for a better feeling tummy. Probiotics and fiber are such an important part of regular diets, that this product could be part of a daily routine.  I chose a fresh pear, blueberry, and banana, since these fruits not only taste great, but have the gut-friendly characteristics (did you know the potassium in banana helps your brain send signals to the muscles in your digestive system?) It’s so tasty, my kids beg for it and my husband and I drink them now, too!

While Vitaminis Gut Health shots were originally created with kids in mind, we know everyone in the family loves the taste (and convenience!) too. Gut Health Vitaminis shots can be easily consumed on the go, and it's one of the only probiotic drinks on the market that doesn't require refrigeration, so pop a few in your bag and take it to a soccer game, the gym or in a lunch box - no cooler required.  It’s a great option to get probiotics for those that can’t have dairy or are lactose intolerant.  We are free of all major allergens!

Sip a sample with the 4-pack or make it a daily habit with our 12-pack. Add it to your favorite smoothie - we recommend checking out our Berry Bliss Water recipe if you need a great idea that your entire family will love!  We can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

Gut Health Ingredients 

Ingredients include: water, pear juice from concentrate, banana puree, non-GMO soluble corn  fiber, blueberry juice from concentrate, monopotassium phosphate, natural flavor, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), lemon juice concentrate, bacillus coagulans SNZ 1969

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