The Power of Understanding Immunity: Overview

The Power of Understanding Immunity: Overview

“Build.” “Strengthen.” “Boost.” When it comes to immunity, especially that of our children, the buzz has reached a fever pitch, as parents look to protect their littles from catching everything from the common cold to, of course, the coronavirus.  We too have typed in many a Google search in the last 18-24 months trying to figure out how to give our kids the best chance in the fight to gain, and maintain, a healthy immune system.


So in a multi-post series, we’re going to talk all things “Immunity Power,” which is how we like to explain the concept to our kids to get them on board with the behaviors that will best serve them both now and as they grow.  After all, we grown ups are likely to benefit from the same habits as well, because we all know how much kiddo germs love to latch on to caretakers too.


To start, an understanding of the complexity of one's immune system is helpful.  There’s a natural balance in the way that our system operates, warding off illness and infection without overacting (the cause of some allergies and autoimmune diseases). In future posts, we’ll break down the inputs that affect immune function, including nutrition, sleep and movement.  And of course, we’ve talked about how Vitamin C, Magnesium and Zinc are super supplements in immune support throughout the blog, making Vitaminis a great option for ensuring kiddos get the nutrients they need.  

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