The Power of Understanding Immunity: A Body in Motion...

The Power of Understanding Immunity: A Body in Motion...

Stays Immune?  Obviously, it’s not quite that simple, as we’ve already discussed the myriad of factors that go into building, strengthening and maintaining one's immunity, but, movement plays a major role when it comes to immune function.


First and foremost, exercise boosts the body’s circulation, allowing infection fighting cells and molecules to more easily get to where they need to go within your systems. The minimum recommendation of 30 minutes of “moderate to vigorous” exercise is once again applicable for all ages, meaning getting up and going as a family will improve everyone’s immunity.  


Whether it’s a family walk (bike/scooter/etc) before or after dinner, or a simple, silly dance party during the daily “witching hour,” any movement is good movement, and brings with it the added bonus of stress relief, for all. While stress can seem more applicable to adults, kids feel it too, with those big emotions they haven’t quite figured out how to manage yet. 


When our immune systems are stressed, they produce less white blood cells than normal, leaving us with less protection and germ-fighting ability.  Starting both movement and mindfulness techniqueness (we love those taught by Cosmic Kids) young sets the stage for a lifelong ability to cope with stress and anxiety, another key factor in a strong immune system.


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