Same old go to’s got you down? Look for simple surprises to spice things up.

Feel like you’re in a feeding rut? The kids want the same thing, day in and day out, and the struggle to get them a healthy balance of nutrients is not only real, but real frustrating? We’ve been there and we feel your pain. Even as adults, sometimes our go-to’s get boring and that can lead down a path of less than optimal options.

So instead, looking for subtle surprises, whether they’re foods you’ve never realized deliver a punch of protein (popcorn? spinach? peanut butter puffs?) or new ways to serve familiar foods when pickiness sets in (freeze dried vs fresh, cut into shapes - a cookie cutter can make anything more fun, or even brought to life with candy eyes). We love the feeding brand @ezpzfun not only for their super silicone placemats but for the adorable ideas they fill them with at every age from baby-led weaning well through toddlerhood and beyond. 


Sometimes new presentations or even simply a new form of a fruit or vegetable can get a reluctant eater to try something they’d otherwise refuse. Consider the options from canned to frozen, freeze dried to dehydrated - you may just be as surprised as they are on what they pick as their new favorite. 

Photo credit: @moderndaybrownmom

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