Having Fun with Hydration: Tips & Tricks to Get More Fluids

Having Fun with Hydration: Tips & Tricks to Get More Fluids

QUIZ TIME (ask your kids): Do you know how much of your body is made up of water?

ANSWER: 60% - that’s more than half - of your body weight (older kiddos can do the math to see just how many pounds).

Making hydration a game can break up the boredom of drinking “boring old water” and encourage kiddos to sip, sip away.  There’s even “an app for that” called the Plant Nanny where your kiddo’s water consumption is shown visually by helping a plant grow. 

Does your family have a competitive streak?  Try adding a mark or rubber band to each family member’s water bottle and having a little race to see who can drink down to the line fastest (still safely) or break out the ice cube trays and straws (or tiny cups and eye droppers) and hold a friendly competition.  

Even simple solutions like dedicated water glasses (unique to each kiddo of course) and silly straws make sipping that much more fun.  When possible, letting kids decide the temperature of their water can also help - do they prefer it at room temperature or with ice?  And on occasion, you might give them a choice of still or sparkling?  They’ll feel like they’re in a fancy restaurant, and while we can’t guarantee that’ll mean better manners, it might at least help their hydration.

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