Managing Inflammation with Immune Supportive Magnesium

Managing Inflammation with Immune Supportive Magnesium

Inflammation, especially chronic inflammation, isn’t something we typically think about when it comes to our kids' health.  Whether it’s because they’re young and don’t quite know how to put into words how they might feel “off,” or more so because even in adults, inflammation is often a sneaky, more underlying element of a condition that takes time to identify, this often overlooked indicator of more serious imbalance may be more prevalent than we realize.

Dr. Louis Iorio, a pediatrician partner whom we’ve met in a previous guest post, shared a bit more on this topic, and specifically how the anti-inflammatory properties of Magnesium can help support overall health, in kids and adults.  According to the Harvard Medical School HEALTHbeat newsletter, while acute inflammation is helpful to the body, ridding it of “dangerous invaders” issues arise when the immune response keeps “inflammation going, long after the threat has cleared,” thus transitioning to chronic inflammation.  Ultimately, ongoing inflammation is linked to 3 out of 5 deaths globally, as it increases risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and even cancer.  

It’s also linked to low magnesium intake, with one study finding that “children with the lowest blood magnesium levels were found to have the highest levels of inflammatory marker CRP.”  They also had higher levels of blood sugar, insulin and triglycerides. Dietary sources of magnesium such as fatty fish and dark chocolate have been shown to reduce inflammation and magnesium supplements specifically can reduce CRP and other related markers. 

Even if chronic inflammation isn’t top of mind for you or your children, it helps to know they’re getting an ample dose of magnesium like that delivered in Vitaminis to help support this important immune system function, now and into the future. 

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