Hacks for Hydrating Happily: Foods with High Water Content

Hacks for Hydrating Happily: Foods with High Water Content

Tired of telling your kids to drink more water? We get it, after all, Vitaminis was created because of our founders desire for a fun to drink yet functional kids beverage option. 


So how do we get kiddos hydrating happily? We look to high water volume fruits and vegetables (this density keeps the calorie level of these foods low and the nutrients high) such as broccoli, cantaloupe, cucumber, watermelon and tomatoes.  The latter few can also be used to make variations on gazpacho, a cold soup for summer, while broth based soups are a great winter warm-up.


Kids still not sold? Try flavoring water with fruit (a la the day spa, ha) - either by blending in fresh fruit, squeezing citrus - or both - what kid doesn’t love a mix of strawberry and lemon, even if you skip the “ade”? Let them think of new flavor combinations as well - almost any melon or berry mixes well with a squeeze of lime or orange. Or simply use Vitaminis to flavor water (ensure they drink it all to maximize nutrients).


And don’t forget about treats, popsicles (especially when homemade) can be a fun source of hydration - our favorite Vitaminis Popsicles offer hydration alongside a boost of nutrients furthering immune support. Whether you tell them they’re hydrating or not, all they’ll think is that they’re delicious!


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