Go With Your Gut - An Overview of Managing the Microbiome

Go With Your Gut - An Overview of Managing the Microbiome

Think much about your kids' microbiome lately?  Gut health has become a trending topic in recent years, for good reason - each of us has a unique makeup, and the bacteria that inhabit our intestinal tract are responsible for a wide variety of bodily functions, including supporting the immune system.

Impacted by everything from dietary choices to antibiotic use, a child's microbiome can determine whether they have an allergic reaction to a particular food, how easily their system can fight off a virus, and even helps to regulate their metabolism. Further, some researchers believe the mind-gut connection has influence over everything from mood to mental health conditions such as autism and depression.

The good news is that we can affect our microbiome through lifestyle and environmental choices, especially true for our kids as these systems are greatly developed in childhood. The decisions we make for them in the early years will establish a microbiome makeup that they will carry well into their lives, so starting off on the right path is crucial.  

Since this topic is quite dense, we’re going to break down gut health a bit further in a series of posts dedicated to cultivating gut bacteria, managing antibiotics use and effects, lifestyle/activities that promote good gut health and (our favorite) a recipe roundup of yummy things that keep kiddos biome thriving. Stay tuned!

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