Better Ways to Boost Your Immunity

Better Ways to Boost Your Immunity

How many times have you heard the term #ImmunityBoost, just this week?  Obviously, it’s top of mind, especially among parents of littles who tend to get, and pass along, germs.  

Boosts” come in all forms these days, from a variety of reputable brands.  From powders to drops, you can add nutrients to drinks and foods your kids generally accept, to “amp up” their vitamin content. While effective, these options require you to first remember, and second, take extra time to incorporate them. We certainly like the idea of taking a familiar food/beverage and making it better, hence why Vitaminis exists. Call us lazy, but we also like the idea of simply grabbing one out of the pantry or fridge and adding it into a well rounded meal or lunchbox ;).

Overall, we’d rather our kids know what they’re consuming, so along with educating them on what various nutrients do for their bodies, we’ve recently taken to inviting those who are more veggie adverse to “hide” them in themselves. We allow them to choose which to add to a smoothie (or sauce, muffin, etc) so that the taste “goes away” but the nutrients are packed in. We’ve found this option more empowering because we’re not the ones doing the sneaking and kids learn that they can find a way they like to get the nutrients they need.

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